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Are you looking to implement ServiceNow for the first time? Or are you looking to add modules, or upgrade to a latest version? Whether you are implementing Information Technology Business Management (ITBM) or just adding on to your existing suite with IT Asset Management (ITAM) applications, there are still plenty of unknown challenges there are to face. You will also need to  consider the time it would take or capability of the team to run with a new implementation. You will be seeking to minimize the risk and maximize your value as quickly as possible. To achieve that, you’ll need to eliminate the waste in your project lifecycle and lead your team through a successful implementation. One of the crucial things to do then would be to create a strategy for the project that is led by your business outcome. Following best practices and using innovative approaches from the beginning would be essential for long term success and sustainability. This sort of approach and capability would be necessary when implementing ServiceNow with complete efficiency. Precisely why organizations consider a ServiceNow Partner that is delivery led and also has the capacity to engage you cost effectively to gain the maximum value from the implementation. 

What to look for when engaging a Servicenow partner? 

Core capability and specialization: As how you have made your core capabilities as your north star of your business model, it’s only natural to select a partner for a specific project, based on their core capabilities, and the north star they follow. For Kanini, that is ServiceNow. Especially as part of digital transformation initiatives. Good Servicenow partners would not only already possess deep knowledge in multiple disciplines like ITBM, ITAM, ITOM, Security Operations, etc., but would have the process know-how and the infrastructure to accelerate the implementation for a faster delivery. At Kanini, it’s common practise to deliver projects ahead of time. 

Been there, done that: For you to have an unwavered focus on your revenue streams and priorities, it’s important that your implementation partner is able to do the same too for creating maximum value. Only this enables a project to be conducive to innovation and intuitive user experiences. It’s good to have a partner that has extensive experience in implementing and upgrading ServiceNow solutions. Kanini is helping top Fortune 100 financial Service providers with their ServiceNow needs.

Thought Leadership: Thought leadership is essential to building any sustainable solution. No reason it would be different with ServiceNow! At Kanini, our leadership team comes with extensive hands on experience helping  businesses small to enterprises and from Healthcare and Financial Services industries to Energy & Utilities. 

Flexible engagement models: Flexible Resourcing Model allows you to keep your resourcing elastic with added or reduced engineers as per the project needs.

A team of developers is offered in standard pod sizes, and due to this flexibility, the costs get economical for you. We work with a delivery-first attitude, and include project management with blended rates, for medium and large pods. Our technical and functional teams also help you realize your project, as swiftly and robustly as possible where we fully manage the project end to end. ServiceNow Partner portal, Partner Finder can show you 100s of partners but there are only a few that can provide you with elastic resourcing models for maximum cost efficiency. 

Delivery Excellence: Engaging with a Certified ServiceNow Partner with a track record of on time and bug free deliveries is crucial to the success of your implementation. Right from planning assistance to harmonious DevOps, it’s important that the implementation partner brings a clockwork efficiency to the implementation process. A delivery-first approach is the only way to make a habit out of on-time deliveries.  

Return on Investment and Time to realize Value: Time To Value (TTV) is how much time it takes a new customer to realize and extract value from a product or service. TTV can only be optimal when your product or service is using high quality product engineering processes, best user experience, and fast and successful executions. And a sustainable solution can help you realize higher ROIs. 

As part of complete analysis you may also consider keeping all ServiceNow work within your organization, however engaging with a ServiceNow Certified Partner comes with a whole lot of benefits. Kanini as a ServiceNow partner will bring in deep knowledge, expertise and thought leadership to your ServiceNow journey to succeed and sustain. 

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